What is Wellness Travel?


    As the population ages and the interest in pro-active healthcare continues to increase, we are witnessing the continuing growth and development of this still new sector of the tourism industry called Wellness Travel.

    The Wellness Travel sector is driven by two types of travellers: On one hand, today’s savvy, wellness-minded traveler actively seeks out destinations, accommodations and experiences that will allow him or her to maintain a routine of fitness, healthy eating and other pursuits associated with wellness living.

    Credit: Thinkstock – shevtsovy

    On the other hand, we have those wanting to use travel as a break from the regular routine of daily life for the proactive betterment of their health and well-being. Vacation time – away from the normal stress of work, family and daily living – allows for greater concentration and focus on the objective of improving personal health.

    This ‘break’ – the length of time is not overly important – is what we call the Wellness Vacation and it begins with The Intention – the conscious decision to take action to travel – near or far – for a purpose related to one’s state of health and sense of well being.

    The Wellness Vacation can include spa treatments and therapies, healthy eating and culinary events, fitness activities and adventures such as walking tours, hiking, paddling and yoga, inspirational outings and adventures in nature that clear or expand the mind, and educational programs that share ways to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives. It can also include voluntourism experiences because “giving back” increases one’s sense of well being and is part of living a wellness lifestyle.

    When it comes to the Wellness Vacation, one size does not fit all.

    For one person a Wellness Vacation may take the form of a visit to a spa and/or natural and therapeutic hot springs. The next person might need stress-relief fitness activities that allow him or her to get in touch with nature with a like-minded group. Still others might need to engage in a totally-focused, two-week, weight loss program that teaches them how to rethink their relationship with food. The reasons for taking a Wellness Vacation are as varied as the choices we now have available.

    At Travel to Wellness, we believe that whatever The Intent and whatever form it takes, the Wellness Vacation can be an annual tonic for body, mind and soul.