Tips On Planning A Wellness Vacation Or Retreat


Once you have given some thought to the INTENTION of the time away – you want to find the best fit. Something YOU will feel comfortable and happy with and that will help you achieve your goal. 

Ask yourself these questions:

• What is my Wellness Travel Personality? Read more about that here

• What is my specific goal or intentions?
It could be a) weight loss b) kick start a wellness-lifestyle c) time to reconnect with self d) reboot e) learn to manage stress f) learn to cook health meals or any number of other goals.

• What kind of accommodations am I looking for?
For instance: a) an intimate country inn b) a city hotel c) a family resort d) a luxury resort without children e) a destination spa

• What kind of food do I want?
For instance: a) international gourmet b) basic and nutritious c) lighter spa cuisine d) vegetarian, gluten free or other special dietary

• What do I want to do during the day?
For instance: a) simply rest and relax b) physical and recreational activities c) take part in educational programs d) shopping or sightseeing e) spa treatments

• How do I want to spend the evenings?
For instance: a) dine in-house then read and relax b) take part in educational workshops c) enjoy live in-house entertainment d) take in local attractions

• If I’m travelling with a partner, a family member, friends, what are their main interests?
For instance: a) relaxation and renewal b) recreational facilities and physical activities c) off-site shopping or sightseeing d) socializing and nightlife What your travel companion(s) wants to do might effect how YOU experience your vacation.

• How much do I want to spend?
Budget, in most cases, will determine how far you travel from home, how long you stay and the type of accommodations you choose. Remember you do not have to necessarily travel far to find the type of wellness vacation you seek.

Your answers to these questions will help you determine your needs and objectives, and help you find a wellness vacation that’s a right for you.

Other things to keep in mind:

• If you are booking a spa resort, what is there to do other than spa?
• If you are on a cleanse do you want a licensed restaurant on the premises to tempt you. Maybe not.
• What else should you pack? Hiking boots? Wet shoes for kayaking?
• Do the rooms have TVs, telephones and Wifi? Or, do you prefer a digital detox?
• What else is there to do in the immediate area?
• How far is the inn/resort/hotel from the nearest town/city/airport?
• Do you want access to medical testing? Heart, blood pressure, body fat ratio, for instance.
• Do you want a structured program or something more self-guided?
• Do you want a learning opportunity, cultural immersion, classes and lectures?

You get the picture. To find the wellness vacation that is the right fit and allows you to achieve your objectives, it’s important to ask yourself these types of questions.