5 Top Cooking Classes in Vancouver

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Vancouver, one of Canada’s most eco-friendly and physically active city’s is home to a variety of cooking classes that also promote sustainability and longevity.

Whether you want to top up your nutritional knowledge, learn all about fare trade or you just feel like getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, here’s a list of some of the city’s best ‘you-friendly’ and ‘earth-friendly’ cooking schools and classes.

Here, in random order, are five of Vancouver’s top cooking schools and classes for the wellness-minded.

1. Dirty Apron

It doesn’t matter if you’re mastering the art of boiling water, or you’re a master of it all, you can still learn and build upon your skills with cooking classes taught by top chefs at the Dirty Apron.

The hands-on classes are designed to walk students through each step to learn the fine details of every meal. Classes like Uniquely West Coast will get you thinking about supporting local farmers and food and Viva la Vegetarian will have you turning even the biggest carnivores veg for at least the night.

Class size: maximum 22 people

Focus: Building confidence and skills in the kitchen

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2. Jini’s Ethnic Gourmet

Cookbook author Jini Aroon has turned her hobby of eating healthfully into teaching healthful eating through her cookbook – Ethnic Pleasures – and her Jini’s Ethnic Gourmet classes.

You’ll learn to chop, stir and grill your way through a variety of classes including Mastering the Art of Blending Spices, Indian Cooking, Moving to a Less-Meat Diet, and Cooking 30 – Minute Meals. Most dishes are quick and easy, and all of them make use of natural wholesome food that is high in fibre, low in fat and free of additives and preservatives.

Class size: maximum of 12 people

Focus: Healthy eating with an ethnic twist

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3. Indigo Foods

Raw food chef Lovena Galyide of Indigo Foods has turned her love of eating and people into teaching people how to eat healthfully through her innovative recipes and classes.

A range of demonstrations and workshops are designed to help you discover both the flavours and the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet for you and the planet. And don’t worry, Lovena can show you that you don’t have to pass on dessert with her ‘uncooking with antioxidant rich chocolate’ classes.

Class size: 10 – 17 people

Focus: Learning the ins and outs of a raw food diet

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4. Rooted Nutrition

Registered holistic nutritionist and whole foods chef Andrea Potter offers classes to help participants let go of the fab diet hypes with her whole, healthy and organic food cooking classes.

The group of wellness-minded instructors at Rooted Nutrition will help you build upon those culinary skills with your health in mind through classes like Cleansing with Greens, Baking with Alternatives to Gluten and Living Foods.

Class size: Maximum 24 people

Focus: Using organic whole foods

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Organic Lives offers a variety of classe

5. Organic Lives

s that teach you the importance of cooking with your health as well as the planet’s health in mind.

You’ll learn all about the latest nutritional science, fairly traded products and sustainable farming while you whip up culinary creations like smoothies, stocks and ethnic eats.

Class size: 14 people

Focus: Supporting sustainable farming and cooking

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